Call for Companies Looking for Interns with KNIME Experience

Hi there,
Paolo here from the KNIME Evangelism team.
At KNIME we work with universities and other institutions who teach the free and open source KNIME Analytics Platform as part of their curriculum. You can read more on the KNIME Educators Alliance page.

If you are looking for students or recent graduates to work in your organization for an internship between 2 and 6 months, please post in here and we will do our best to help.

Happy KNIMing!


Thank you Paolo, this is very helpful!


We love interns or working students with KNIME knowledge and SQL. And we are in Berlin!

Links expire, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn:

We have a couple open positions posted but do not hesitate to reach out as we have many opportunities:

A little bit about us:
Wayfair Berlin Strategic Finance. We run KNIME as a tool for auditing as well as other advance data science projects. We work with massive datasets and our internships are designed to deliver early impact and create an environment for career growth.

Shopping for a home is often overwhelming. Wayfair is an extreme case - it’s visited by millions of customers daily, shopping across more than 10 million products and we have grown to become a Fortune 500 company. We work hard to conceal the complexity of this experience.


Hi Paolo, not sure if this post is still “valid” since it is from January - nevertheless, we have one internships open … I would be pleased to have a chat with you… Best Regards,



Hi @faoez
This thread is still valid, yes :slight_smile:
I just posted on social media to make sure more potential candidates see it.

Can you please post in here a link to your open position for an internship?



I am interested in the current position :green_heart:


Thank you Paolo, I’ve passed this info to appropriate HR person in my organization

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Hi Paolo,
I’m interested at you offer… let us knows
The work/Experience place is in a warm and nice Italian city by the see :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for posting!
Please consider describing a bit more the internship that you offer and/or providing links to how to apply! This would help candidates to easily reach out and apply!

If you do not have a job posting online that can be linked and you do not want to disclose your email address, maybe please ask the candidates to contact you using the message system available within KNIME Forum.

To clarify: KNIME is not collecting and submitting CVs, we are providing this forum thread for anyone to post what they offer and are looking for, and redirecting candidates to take a look in here when we can.

Thanks everyone,
Happy KNIMing!


We‘re looking for students with Knime skills at Daimler Truck AG!