call internal Workflow give error

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for your answer, but knime wait a index information and don’t let me go on…

call_workflow.knar (17.6 KB)

I create a basic example. The mountpoint connector node or file connector node will call another workflow.

I set the mountpoint and try to use it at the call workflow node, but the error is the same.

The other flow called “Knime_project_text” have a date&time value and after that, will write a CSV file. This workflow works very fine and it’s attached as example.

The error as you can see below in red, is:

“Error: Could not index workflows: Unknow reason (org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingException)”

I don’t understand why and how to solve it… maybe an update for a knime or something like it bring me problems now… The old one works very fine.

Thanks for your help… anything else?