Call Local/Remote workflow: How to pass flow variables


I am calling a WF via "Call Local workflow".

But I am wondering how can how to pass flow variables to this local WF?

Same is the query with remote WF.

One more thing.. after caling local/Remote WF, whether it resets first and then execute?


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You can define a "constant" input column and control its value via a flow variable in the flow variables tab.

In the called workflow, all input nodes with values other than the default value are reset before execution.

Could you please be a little more specific, or provide an example, of how you can pass variables through the call local workflow node into the "slave" workflow?  

For context, I want to run a loop around the call remote workflow node, pass a variable into that workflow that defines a query, run the query, and then produce a report based on that query.  I want to do this for a series of queries, and that is why I thought running a variable loop through a call local workflow node would work.  I just can't figure out how to pass that variable that defines the query from the master to the local node.  Any help would be appreciated.