(Call Local Workflow + Report + WebPortal) = workflow is executed but report is not displayed nor downloadable



We have a simple minimalist workflow, see attached screenshot, that simply calls an inner workflow using "Call Local Workflow" (the "Create Report" option is ticked, with PDF as an option).  The inner workflow creates a PDF report. When executing the outer workflow from Knime WebPortal, the workflow is properly executed ("Workflow executed successfully"), but the PDF is not displayed, and is not available for download. As shown in the screenshot, the PDF is created successfully by the "inner workflow," as visible in the output table "BLOB Report" column. Furthermore, when invoking the inner workflow directly from WebPortal, the PDF is displayed properly.

Reproduction Steps
  1. Knime Server version 4.3.2
  2. Create a simple inner workflow that creates a PDF report
  3. Create a simple outer workflow that calls using "Call Local Workflow" the inner workflow, using the Create report+PDF option (see screenshot, the "Empty table creator" creates a table with only one 1 row)
  4. Test the outer workflow on WebPortal
Expected results versus actual results
  • Expected result: the outer workflow is properly executed, and the report is available for display and for download
  • Actual result: the outer workflow is  executed ("Workflow executed successfully", see second screenshot), but the PDF is not displayed, and is not available for download.



You cannot pass a report generated in the called workflow to the outer workflow. The report must always be defined directly on the workflow you are executing in the WebPortal. What you can do, however, is get the report from the called workflow with the Call Local Workflow node (you need KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3/KNIME Server 4.4 for this), write the report from the output table into a temporary file and the offer this file via the File Download quickform node.

Ok, thanks.