Call Remote Workflow Demo: A consumer workflow that uses another workflow to do the work.

Here we demonstrate how a workflow can execute another server, lying on the KNIME Server. First the file is read using the File Reader. The file contains the german credit data which we want to score using a prebuilt model. This scoring is done in another workflow. To send the data point to the workflow we first will transform it into a JSON document using the Table to JSON node. Afterwards this JSON object is send to the remote workflow lying on the server. For each line in the input table, the remote workflow will be executed once. You can open the "Predictor Workflow" and check how it is repeatedly execute while the "Call Remote Workflow" is running. The Predictor Workflow can be found here 50_Applications/08_RESTDemo/_workflows/_Predictor_Flow The output of the Call Remote Workflow node is a JSON document as well. We will transform this using the JSON to table node, to achieve the output of the remote workflow.

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