Call Workflow: Browse Hub, not local, if Hub Space as source is selected


when selecting a remote workflow to execute and the setting to Hub, the browser only shows the local workflows.

Hence, I’d like to suggest to enable browsing the Hub.


Hi @mwiegand,

I agree the term there sounds a bit confusing when configuring the node locally. The path you use there is relative to current space in which the workflow is. So, as soon as you upload and deploy the workflow on Hub, the "current Hub space’ would be the one you uploaded to workflow to.
If you wanna select and browse workflows in a different space on Hub, you can use the KNIME Hub Authenticator + Space Connetor nodes before the Call Workflow node. Then when the authentictor and the connector are configured and executed, you can select workflows in selected space on your Hub.
Screenshot 2024-05-02 111908