Call Workflow schedule via REST or other?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
What I have:

  • Workflow on my KNIME-Server
  • The workflow is built in a way that it can be configured via the “configuration options”

This works fine but in the future it should run in the background.
That means:
We have a plattform that speaks REST and ideally the entries for the configuration options will be entered there.
The question is: Is it then possible, by another workflow or something else, to actually “call” the above mentioned workflow and schedule it, with the entered “configuration options”?

For a, hopefully, better understanding I have a sketch as well:

This should be possible using the Server REST API, as everything you do in the AP uses the REST API in the background as well. When you are logged into your Server’s REST API, you can see the question mark icon on the top right:
Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 09.35.38

Click it and you see a button to open the KNIME Server REST API documentation. When you click it, you see the OpenAPI documentation for the Server and here you find the info you need to run your job and send configuration.
I think you will need two REST calls: one to create a new job with the desired configuration:

And another one to execute that job:

More information about how to call workflows can be found in our workflow invocation guide. And if you want to see how you can send the configuration options to the workflow in the first POST Request, you can Select “Show API Definition” in the context menu of your workflow on KNIME Server in the KNIME AP:

If you plan to always execute the workflow only via REST, you could simplify it using our Container Input and Output nodes such as the Container Input (JSON). If you use this you can use a single REST endpoint to execute the workflow and send data to it in one go:

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions!
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Thank you very much for this quick and detailed answer. I will give it a try and get back to you as soon as I implemented it. Could take some time though :wink:

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