Call Workflow(Table based) For Worklfow automation


I am trying to use Call workflow (table based ) to automate the execution of workflows in knime. I am facing challenge when the called workflow execution has warnings the node Call Workflow(Table based) fails for Warning messages.

  1. Is there a way for the node to consider warnings as passed and not fail ?
  2. Also the workflow which have warnings need to be reset before being called from node Call
    Workflow(Table based) otherwise it does not store the execution status when opened in knime.
  3. Is there a way to run the dependent Call Workflow(Table based) node when the parent fails without reexecuting the parent ?
    Are there any workarounds for these issues ?

Hi there!

Welcome to KNIME Community Forum! I will try to answer you questions.

  1. Workflow execution shouldn’t stop on warnings. Is it an error or a warning? There are Try/Catch nodes under Error Handling group of nodes which you can check out.
  2. Called workflow upon execution will stay in state it was saved so being in a reset state means it will stay in a reset state after execution regardless of warnings.
  3. Try/Catch sequence can help you here so that dependent workflow is called regardless of error in parent workflow.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your reponse.

Is there a way to make sure if the called workflow fails , to see the latest execution and where it failed?

Hi there!

What do you mean to see the latest execution? In KNIME console you will see error message.


Sometimes when I open the local workflow which I executed via Call Workflow (Table) , I cannot see the latest execution status. This is more or concern when it fails for any reason. I would like to check where it failed and restart it from that point so I dont have to rerun it from beginning.


Open the workflow you are calling before you start execution. then you will see it executing and if failed you will be able to fix it and start from that point on.


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