Call Workflow (Table based) in a server's job


We are triying to run a workflow which contains a Call Workflow (Table based) node inside it on a server job. While locally in KNIME AP we dont have any problem to run this workflow (with the external workflow in our local machine or also on server), the Call Workflow (Table based) node fails in the job execution. What are we missing? We need to send a whole table to that workflow, so row based alternatives are not an option.



this very much depends on what exactly and how do you do it. Ideally, could you please share a reproducible example including some dummy data? Did you try some most basic example? For example, the first workflow creates dummy data (using Data Generator or Table Creator) and sends it into the second workflow, which multiplies one column by 2 and sends the table out to the first one.
If not:

  • could you share what does the error on the server say?
  • could you share the logs (localhost + catalina + executor) together with the approximate time of the incident?
  • what happens if you reduce the table size (i.e. could it be due to some timeout due to too large data transferred between workflows)?

If you do not want to share some of that info publicly on the forum we can also take it into a discussion in our ticketing system.


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Would it be possible to share an example or provide further info?

It was solved. Our problem was related with the path format of the remote workflow to be invoked when the workflow was running on server.