Call Workflow (Table Based) Knime 3.6

compliments for the new release Knime 3.6! :top:

Just a question about the new nodes that i’m testing: “Call Workflow (table Based)” and “Container Input/Output (Table)” (may be i’ve not well understood how they work…)

I created 2 workflows in my local repository:

  • a container workflow
    whit a data generator and Call Workflow (table Based) that assign input table to “input” and points to the path of the “called workflow”
    see IMG1


  • a called workflow
    with a Container Input (Table), two data transformation nodes (row filter, transpose) and a Container Output (Table).
    see IMG2

I then saved the called workflow, and then tried to execute the container, but i get the following error in the console:

ERROR Call Workflow (Table Based) 0:5 Execute failed: (“NullPointerException”): null

while the called workflow seems to be executed well…

If i drop out the “Transpose” node in the called workflow and left only the row filter,(and then re-save) i get no errors and the container workflow is executed well.

May be it’s a problem due to transpose node?..



Hi Ema,

I have had a look at the example you provided and it is unfortunately a bug from our side. When the input table to the Transpose node contains incompatible column types, i.e. a String and a Double column, the resulting column from transposing a row has a type that the Call Workflow (Table Based) node cannot parse. If the input table only contains compatible column types, i.e. only numeric columns, then it works as expected. We are working on fixing this issue asap and will keep you noted.

Thanks for reporting this issue!
Tobias Urhaug


ok, no problem, thank you!