Call workflow

We are calling workflow from another workflow from web portal,but i am unable to see what is happening inside the called workflow…do we have any method to see what is happening in the called workflow.

Hi Sahil,

If you have installed in your AP client the extension for [remote job view](, you can open the child job as a remote view in AP, and inspect the execution.

Does this help?

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We are using call local workflow(row based) component

how can we check in this case while running this job from web portal because on web portal an instance will be for this attached workflow only but not for workflow which is being called in this attached workflow

Any update on this??

Hi Sahil,

What KNIME Version are you using?

In my KNIME Server Verion 4.11.3, I can see the instances of the called workflows as jobs in the webportal, like this:

The call remote workflow is the caller, and the Predict Results Using REST API is the called job.

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