CAN frame dataset analysis

I have a huge dataset of CAN frames, used in automotive. I have read the data correctly in KNIME. The data row have the following form:

I want to make a histogram about the most repeated frame (in terms of checking data column and dlc column only).
I can do so for dlc column as it is already parsed as number. But my question is how to check data column (which is string) together with dlc column and make analysis on both?

Hello @Khaled_A1 ,
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You can use the ungroup node to create a list of rows for a particular DLC.

Let me know if it works.



Hello @sanket_2012 ,
Thanks for your reply.

What I exactly need is to analyze data column together with DLC or decimal value column.
the decimal value represents the ID, and the data column represents the frame. For example, I need to get all frames for specific ID

Hi @Khaled_A1 ,
Could you please share a snapshot of how you want your output?


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Data visualization that represent most repeated frames (same data, dlc and decimal_value)