Can I get a favorite "Node" panel with additional node panel

I need to work heavy python coding, as knime make it more smooth to work on python, I can generate code using GPT4, and it get so much efficient, even surpass the “Jupiter Concept”. However, GPT4 accurately code for knime and also hope Gimini will can handle that. But, I have some issues like I do not find for favorite node option, or either knime can remember my most used node, and offer me that in “Node Recommendation”. Like I have to use “Pyhton script” more.

And it is a request only

Actually, I think this is a very good idea. Something like marking some nodes as your favorite nodes so they appear first in search and quick node insertion, right?

I also voted to this idea.


I think it would be better to show favorite nodes in a separate section in the node repository and quick insert windows rather than have them impact the otherwise predictable manual search results. I often use macros with the quick insert functionality which could be thrown off by a users favorite nodes if they impact search order.

However, I do very much miss the favorite nodes for easier access to (and better organization of) the multitude of less intuitive named nodes.

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