Can I know what is this issue for my Missing Value Node?


I have ignore this error and everything comes out fine.

I have also try to twig the options / configurations and to no avail

Hi @Nimisha1986,

That’s not an error, it’s a warning to let you knw that the method you have used cannot be applied via the PMML port.


Hello, so this does not mean that I am doing something wrongly right sorry I am not sure what it meant.

As this is an assignment and I have to submit the workflow to my lecturer

Assuming no other problems, your workflow is fine. Knime has the ability to write models to Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) files which can be used by other model platforms. In some cases such as yours an action in Knime won’t allow Knime to produce a PMML file. PMML has a very specific structure. This is simply a warning and has no effect on your Knime model. Check this PMML Writer description and Google “PMML” so you can explain to your instructor:


Thanks guys! I have already presented the data, my lecturer did not ask about the ! appearing on my node!

Thanks again!


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