Can I Share and Link Components using the free version of Knime?


I have watched some tutorials, but I do not seem to have the same menu as what’s in the videos, e.g.,

However, mine is


Thank you!

Hi @Evergreen5510 ,
Currently, in the modern UI, you cannot share or link the components. If you want to use that feature, you could try to switch to the classic UI and then it works.

I will check internally about the plans of having this feature in the modern UI.


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Hi @Evergreen5510 and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I added your feedback to our list to investigate it further.

Sorry to bother but can you give some insights on how this process went? How was determined what should make it to the new UI and not?

I cannot get my head around why such a fundamental feature like component sharing was not on the list from the start. We internally have developed about 400 shared components of which a bunch is used in production workflows.

This not making it to the new UI forces us to stay on older version.

Dear @ArjenEX,

Yes, you are right and this is a fundamental feature. There are features missing in Modern UI and they will be added in future versions. We are also tracking feedbacks from the community to make sure we are aware of all desired features.

The list I have mentioned here is the list of feedbacks we have received so far and if something has not been there, doesn’t mean that we haven’t been aware of.


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