Can KNIME do Data Modeling from scratch

Hi, I am new to KNIME and I wanted to know whether KNIME is able to do Data Modeling . As I looked through the site, I don’t seem to get my answer so I am writing this. I am currently starting to extract my data from MS SQL Server.
(ps. Do KNIME have a feature or extension to do data modeling like Power BI?)


Yes, KNIME can model data:


Hi @jared220229 -

Can you be a bit more specific about what you want to do with your data? What are the features of PowerBI you are looking to replicate? (I found a page from them about “Data Modeling” but it’s very non-specific and buzzwordy.)

Maybe you are looking to define the structure of your data sources better (create a “model” of your data lake, for example), or maybe you want to do predictive analytics (building a data science model) as Victor describes above - or maybe something else. More details will help us point you in the right direction.


KNIME can be used to clean your tables for the data model (I assume you are referring to the star schema). So KNIME can replace Power Query. KNIME does not create a star schema for you. You import your tables (potentially preprocessed in KNIME) and build the relationships in Power BI
hope that helps


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