Can Knime replace talend or informatica

I have just seen talend 1 time, informatica I only know by name. Are there any experts here who can share their knowledge and tell me wgether KNIME could replace them even if it is not KNIMEs primary purpose? If so why / why not?

Hello @Daniel_Weikert,

KNIME can replace ETL tools to some degree. Check this topic: Knime Use Cases



Hi Daniel,
talend and knime are pretty similar in some degrees but totally opposite in others.
I’ve been working with talend for 1.5 years and is definitively a data integrator tool. It have so many connectors that is quite impossibile to not connect with your exotic data source :slight_smile:
But you cant really see what is happening node by node like KNIME, you are forced to dump every elaboration to a csv file to further explore it.
That’s why i suggest to use Talend for data integration tasks, like connecting disparate data sources to a normalized DWH, with all the bells and whistels, and then use KNIME from that layer on, so you can get the best of the best:

  • rapid prototiping, by inspecting node by node the results

  • Per node execution of the workflow, that is an huge time saver when things are getting bigger and bigger, avoiding you to exec all the workflow when u make a little change

  • extremely easy to use interface and node configuration

  • shared repository for “recyclable” piece of workflows

  • perfect integration on JAVA, R, PYTHON -> all that u ever wish to have to build machine learning workflows. Many many specific node to use for this task

  • REST API to call workflow by virtually any application that use this standard interface

  • Last but not least, a WebPortal that enable the users to be indipendent to IT with tasks like job execution, guided workflow… no matter what is complexity behind a workflow, the user will see and interact with a web browser to make selection.



Thanks a lot for your answer Luca. Very helpful
I have not started using Talend. I really like Python and am not so keen on Java with Talend. I don’t think we could use Python in Talend as well could we?

You can exec python script by command line, but it’s not integrated in the workflow like knime, where u can feed variables or whatever you want in your script.

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