can not see all entries in KNIME Explorer

I’m experiencing problems refreshing EXAPLES ( Am I the only one? Somebody working behind *

!SUBENTRY 1 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.transport.ecf 4 1002 2020-05-13
!MESSAGE HTTP Proxy Authentication Required:

Not seeing any problems with the EXAMPLES server here (in the US anyway)… are you still having difficulty, or was this a temporary hiccup?

Still is. On my private PC it also works without problems (in Switzerland). Meanwhile in the company it seems to point to a proxy setting. Are there special defaults, which I did not find in the installation guide? Is there any experience with proxy settings?

Hi @max_headroom,

did you set the company proxy in the config?
We cannot access the examples without setting the proxy to manual and setting the correct login credentials

HI there @max_headroom,

see here how to configure a proxy in KNIME:



Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I have tested the proxy setting. Unfortunately, I found out about Amazon AWS, which is not on our whitelist. But I found a hint, which works without it:

Local Update Sites
If your working environment has limited internet access or you receive an error message “Proxy Authentication Required” when connecting to a remote update site (provided by a URL), you can install extensions from a local zip file. You can download KNIME update sites as zip files here.


in the same way I get to the examples (workflows).



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