CAN spark-tools support Scala?


Is there a way to write scala in spark tool? Or, do we have any plan for scala python R script in spark?


currently there is no Scala, python or R scripting support for KNIME Spark Executor. But there is Java scripting support via the "Spark Java Snippet" nodes. Everything you can do from Scala you can also do in Java (albeit a little less elegant ;)

Also, I am sorry to say that support for Scala/Python/R scripting currently is not on the roadmap. After all the point of using KNIME Spark Executor is not having to write code ;-)

Is there anything specific you want to do via scripting that is currently not covered by our Spark nodes?



can spark-tools support python currently?

Yes, for a list of available PySpark nodes see here.

thank you for your support ,
but i have another question
can spark-tools also support scala currently or just python and java ?

Only Java and Python.


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