Can the Azure Small Server Trial be reinstalled without loosing remaining days of the trial?

Hi Knime,

I am having problems getting the Azure Knime Small Server(Pay As You Go) to recognize a different storagehard drive from the one that was installed by default.

The easiest way for me to resolve the issue would be to delete the current installation of the Knime Small Server and reinstall a new version with the hard drive I want.

However, I am wondering if by doing so I will keep the remaining days of the free 30 day trial, or whether I will loose them. Since I am currently on day 2 of the trial, it is important for me to confirm that.

Can you please clarify so that I can proceed with my trial?




Unfortunately we cannot extend the the license trial for a PAYG Server as the license is built into the payment. If you switch to a new server, you will not have the 30 day trial as it is only valid for the first Knime Server you spin up.

I believe I responded on your other ticket about potentially getting the other hard drive to work, and we can work through it on that thread to get you to be able to keep the current PAYG Server.