Can we export time-series model (ARIMA) to PMML?

I am trying to export an ARIMA model to PMML from Knime. I have referenced this link (knime workflow) but I am to able to connect the ARIMA learner node to PMML writer node.

Is it even possible, with KNIME?

I appreciate your help.

Hello @aayushsmarten -

If you look closely at the workflow you referenced, you’ll notice the component output and the PMML Writer input are not the same color. That’s because the component is not currently setup to generate a PMML model, but rather a Python model (one that can be pickled).

I’m not sure whether generating PMML in this case is possible - I’d have to ask internally, as it would probably require significant changes to the code contained in the Python Learner inside the component.

You could always use the Model Writer to save the ARIMA model. Do you absolutely have to use PMML in the next step of your project?


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