Can we extract the regex substring from the string

I have a regex that I am using in the regex matcher to check that the regex string is available in the string or not.
Now I need to extract that regex substring that available in the string.
Can you please help me with it?

I think Regex Split can solve that.


Hi @PankajChaudhary,

when it comes to Regex operations (and especially with experimentation), nothing compares with @qqilihq’s Regex Extractor. Requires the Palladian Nodes to be installed, but they contain a bunch of useful functionality anyhow!

To see it in action, I created a small example workflow that shows how to extract groups/substrings from strings. More concrete I want to extract awesome from “hello awesome world” using the regex ^hello\s(\w*)\sworld$:

Best regards,


Thanks, @danielesser That’s awesome


Thanks for the endorsement, @danielesser :slight_smile:

@PankajChaudhary Any questions about the nodes, let me know. Btw; there’s a dedicated “Palladian” sub forum here, and I’m happy about any questions, feedback, etc.!



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