Can we get the Excel Writer node to write/paste in the excel file starting on row 3

Hi there. I am trying to do some data clean up and I would like to the excel writer to start writing/pasting the data on the 3rd row (there are default headers on the first and second rows on the file)

Hello @yoshiki3,

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With Excel Writer node you can only start writing from first row but with Excel Cell Updater you can choose which cells to update. This node requires already existing Excel file but this actually should be fine for you as you can first create template Excel file with your headers and then each workflow run can create new Excel file from your template.

One suggestion from your workflow picture. Instead of using Joiner node use DB Joiner node when joining data from same database. It will be much faster, especially for big tables as joining operation is performed on database instead with KNIME on your machine.



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