Can We Use MongoDb jdbc Driver?


Hello all, this is doryokujin, sutudent of University, Japan.

I want to use a MongoDB with KNIME, and I found the jdbc driver

and I load "mongo-jdbc/lib/mongo.jar" in KNIME (「File」→「Preferences」→「KNIME」→「Database Driver」).

But this jdbc can't be recognized by dbreader node. 

If someone who tried to use MongoDB Driver with KNIME, please tell me an advice.

Thank you.

Hi doryokujn,

Sorry, I have never used to mongo.jar driver. A quick look into this driver does not show any jdbc-compliant driver implementation. Those are only available within the class. This together with all depending classes needs to be loaded as jar or zip within the KNIME preference page.

Regards, Thomas

 Try using the "JDBC driver for MongoDB" made by unityjdbc.

you can try it for free at... 

hope this helps =)