Can you open an existing dxp file using the Knime Spotfire node?

I was wondering if there was a way to do the following.

I have a complex workflow that eventually ends up in Spotfire DXP.  I was wondering if there was a way I could essentially use the KNIME Spotfire node to open an existing visualization and "Replace Data Table" with the output from my worlkflow.  That way all my prior work constructing certain views etc would be preserved and I would not have to recreate them.


Hello Jason,

the Spotfire node does not support the reading of existing dxp files. What you could try is to apply the settings of an existing Spotfire file to another data set within Spotfire but I'm not sure if this is supported any more by Spotfire. If it is supported you can open Spotfire with the new data from KNIME and apply the settings of your existing dxp file to the new Spotfire session.



Are there plans to introduce this functionality, I think it will be very beneficial to colleagues in Pharma who use Spotfire alot.


Hi Tobias,

I was aware of the old functionality and you are correct you can't do the same in TIBCO.  But what I often do is to open an existing version and then swap the table.

I echo Simon, I think it would be very useful.  Even in business and marketing and....