Cannot change port type on Workflow service input node

Hello. Knime workflow invocation guide describes the use of the Workflow service input node to create a bridge between call and callee workflows. In theory, 3 dots would be available to change the variable type received by node. However, I cannot see the 3 dots.

If I change to the old interface, the 3 dots appears. Anyone is having the same issue?

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 12.24.32

Hello @jmbenedetto ,

your observation is correct. Replacing ports as described in the documentation is not (yet) available in the new UI. Though, there is a rather straightforward way to get a suitable Workflow Service Input node.

  1. Select the predecessor node
  2. Drag&drop the output port to open the quick nodes adding panel
  3. Search for the “Workflow Service Output” node
  4. Add the node
    Node is connected and added with the correct port.

Thank you for reporting,

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