cannot connect database in clickhouse to dbconnector

Hello, I am using the Windows operating system, and using wsl, I installed Ubuntu in Windows, then I installed ClickHouse in Ubuntu and created a database called knime. Now, I want to use the knime program to connect to this database. I entered my information into this database, including the ip of my network card in listen host. I entered knime using this ip address to be able to connect, but no matter what I do, it gives me an error. What should I do in knime? and i dont set any user to password to clickhouse and i disable firewall in ubuntu , I tried with tcp port and it didn’t work
As I set my sql port to 9004 in the config file, I put it in knime and I still can’t connect to it - has anyone done this to help me?
my databases in clickhouse :
Screenshot 2024-01-27 124832
listen ip in clickhouse :

mysql port in clickhouse :

failed db connector to connect database :

@alimly13 can you provide more details what error message you receive.

And might it be possible you have to activate some sort of port forwarding or firewall configuration on you virtual Linux machine?

Also: is there a reason why there is a letter t at the end of your IP address in the config?

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