Cannot create URL of data file from 'knime://knime.workflow/data.all'

Hi Everybody,

I have realized a simple workflow with 3 nodes:

Get Request -> Xpath -> Excel writer

This simple workflow get an xml response from a webservice and then write an excel with the results.

Everything works fine if I run it on KNIME platform, but if I tried to launch it from a java plugin I receive this error:

ERROR main File Reader CODING PROBLEM Validating settings failed - "" threw IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create URL of data file from 'knime://knime.workflow/data.all' in filereader config

ERROR main CategorySorter CODING PROBLEM After-ID 'org.knime.base.node.stats.viz.extended.ExtendedStatisticsNodeFactory' of [org.knime.base.node.viz.crosstable.CrosstabNodeFactory] does not exist - in plug-in org.knime.base

Any hint about how to solve it?


Could you give more specifics on what do you do when you "launch it from a java plugin"?

Thank you,