Cannot pass file path as a workspace variable for batch mode

Apologies for the newbie question – I’m testing out the batch mode and I’d like to something simple.

I’d like to open a csv file and then write it back out to the file system.

I’ve defined two workspace variables as strings

input_path – STRING
output_path – STRING


However, when I go configure the CSVReader Node the variable Settings panel does not allow me to select the variable as an input path.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @pcheung, and welcome to the KNIME community.

The file reader nodes require variables that have a PATH data type so you need to convert the string to a “path”.

If you already have the required file location in a string variable, use the String to Path (Variable) node to create the required variable that will then be acceptable to the CSVReader node.
Hope that helps


@pcheung as an addition I would recommend to read the “KNIME File Handling Guide”

Although it is lengthy it will give you valuable insights about how KNIME works.


Thanks! I’ll give that shot!

Thanks for the link! I’ll read through it!

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