Cannot read file "knime_container_20170131_705424570218304304.bin.gz"

Dear KNIMErs,

I have a workflow with a nested loop structure with an outer loop of about 50 iteration and an inner loop of 1000 iterations. Specifically the number of rows to process is modest (around 500) and the inner loop run extremely fast. After some minutes after I launch the workflow I receive the following error:

Cannot read file "knime_container_20170131_705424570218304304.bin.gz"

Where the last part of the file name changes depending on the launching. Searching the web I found this may be related with the number of opened files. I checked the number of open files allowed for KNIME process is equal to the hard limit of my system (i.e. 4096). Finally when I try to save the workflow it gives me the following error:

File access problems .... (Too many open files)

What can I do to avoid this error?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Gio,

Can you confirm that you're running on Linux? You can increase the limit of the number of files that your OS allows you to open. See here: