Cannot run a job on the server asynchronously

When I send a POST request (eg. http://knimesrv:8080/com.knime.enterprise.server/rest/v4/jobs/8d1a363b-8523-462c-8ae8-6f71bde87234) to the server, a job is successfully executed synchronously. When I append the "?async" parameter to the end of the URL, the job is again executed synchronously, and not asynchronously.

Am I missing something?


You have to pass "?async=true". See also the documentation at http://knimesrv:8080/com.knime.enterprise.server/rest/v4/_profile/knime-server-doc-v4.xml

Thanks, works like a charm. I tried ?async and ?async=1, but not ?async=true. Stupid me!