Cannot satisfy dependency - missing node extension

Hi Community,
I am trying to install the “Table to HTML String” Node from Lhasa Limited (for version 4.7.3.).
After choosing Lhasa Public Plugin, the following message appears:

Missing requirement: Generic Nodes - Node extension for KNIME Workbench provided by Lhasa Limited 1.2.100.v202106221513 (org.lhasalimited.generic 1.2.100.v202106221513) requires ‘osgi.bundle; org.knime.core.streaming [3.6.0,5.0.0)’ but it could not be found

Here I am not sure which extension should be also be downloaded from NodePit? Since Lhasa-Limited Generic is also part of Lhasa public plugin.

Any ideas?


Hi @volsebna,

looks like you also need the following extension:

Maybe @swebb from @lhasa_knime_dev knows more :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Hrm I’d have thought it should have auto installed the dependencies

[3.6.0,5.0.0) Is that exclusive of 5.0.0?

What update site is the plugin being installed from and into what version of KNIME?

Given the version number of 202106221513 my hunch is that an old version of the node is being installed into KNIME 5? If so you’ll need to use the correct update site for KNIME 5.

This is what I’d expect for KNIME 5.



@swebb he uses 4.7.3 and yes, it 5.0.0) is exclusive of 5.0, but that should not be an issue here :slight_smile:

Ah ok then yep not an issue with the version number.

Manually installing the streaming plugin should resolve it though this should have happened automatically. I can investigate if doing this step manually doesn’t resolve it.

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@steffen_KNIME thanks for your quick response! Installing the extension solved the problem.

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