Cannot save a workflow: How can I change th size of a 'partition of temp file' ?

Hello, dear Knimers,
I cannot save a workflow. I receive this message:
How can I change th size of a ‘partition of temp file’ ? I wish to change the destination folder, possibly to another partition of my hard disk (E:) (this is where I store my documents), instead of the same partition (c:)
I don’t know how to find my
in order I could tweak (change the size) of this temp file.
Can someone help me, please?

Hi @rogerius1st , as mentioned in the other thread:

The settings where you can specify the temp folder is located in the Preferences under KNIME:

It’s not so much that you change the size of the temp file. It needs the size that it needs. Your c: partition simply did not have enough space left.


Hi, @bruno29a ,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I have enlarged the size of my C:\ partition, and it all is working fine, again.

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Hi @rogerius1st , no problem, happy to help.

On a separate note, I see the 2 Solutions that you received were given by yourself.

Normally the way it works is, you would flag the post that helped you achieve your solution - otherwise everyone would be flagging their own final post as solution, which would not make sense :slight_smile:

That is not to say that it should not happen. There are a few cases where requester found a different solution that’s not related to any of the proposed solution, in which case it makes sense that the requester flags his/her solution as the solution to the thread.


Oh, sorry for that. So, I think I misunderstood the uses of this tool. I thought that, once I clicked on the ‘solution flag’, this topic would be excluded from a list where other knimers would search for topics where they might contribute to solving problems of other people with a lower level of knowledge in Knime about specific situations.
And thank you, once more, for this additional teaching of “Knime-courtesy”.

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No problem @rogerius1st , we’re all here to learn :slight_smile:

The flagging of solution is for other members of the community to easily identify which post is the accepted solution if they have a similar issue or questions. In some cases, a thread can have multiple posts before reaching the solution, or, like in the current case, there could be some discussions that happen after the solution, so the solution post might get a bit lost.

So, the flag makes it easy to identify the solution, and also of course, it also marks the thread as solved which will allow the thread to be closed.

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