Cannot start KNIME platform after installing Lhasa extension


My KNIME platform cannot start after I installed a couple of Lhasa extensions. When I start KNIME it shows below error message

Also attached log file1614233225368.log (6.5 KB)

Does anyone encountered similar issue before? thanks


Hi @XXA,

Did you try starting the AP with the -clean parameter?

This log looks like your installation got messed up, so you might need to try with a fresh installation if that does not work.



Thanks Gabriel. Haven’t got a chance to try -clean…I reinstalled KNIME yesterday then it can start normally, without installing Lhasa Metabolism and Lhasa reaction extensions (there are the two extensions that I cannot start KNIME after installing).

Also have another question, I can smoothly use “Table to HTML String” node from Lhasa public plugin on my KNIME desktop Platform, but when I was running it on my KNIME Server, the workflow cannot proceed, said:

MISSING Table to HTML String 14:1387:1374 - WARNING: Node can’t be executed - Node “Table to HTML String” not available from extension “Lhasa public plugin” (provided by “Lhasa Limited”; plugin “org.lhasalimited.generic” is installed)

any idea on this?

My KNIME Platform version: 4.0.2
KNIME Server version: 4.9.2
Lhasa public plugin version: 1.1.500.v202012041344 (from nightly build) or 1.1.500.v202001171846



Hi Xiaoan

I don’t know why the metabolism and reaction plugins would cause an issue but it’s been a while since I tested a KNIME 4.0 install. Based on the log file it looks like the issue also happens with the CDK plugin?

I just downloaded a fresh KNIME 4.0.2 64 bit windows zip. Opened, installed the Lhasa community plugins and restarted KNIME. This all went fine so it seems there’s some other steps involved to be able to reproduce the error. Are you installing all plugins?

Given that node is available in the build versions you highlighted my guess would be the KNIME server isn’t correctly loading the plugin. But I don’t have much experience with the KNIME server.



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Did the installation break again after installing those extensions?

This means the extension is installed but can’t be started, you can try reinstalling it on that executor, starting that executor with -clean or trying a fresh executor installation.


No I didn’t install those extension again, only installed Lhasa Generic which was running well in the past

I reinstalled Lhasa Generic after reinstall KNIME, but still the same error.

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