Can't access KNIME community testflows


I need to update some workflow tests for my community builds.

When trying to access via KNIME 4.2 I get “the server mountpoint was configured for Credentials but the authentication method was removed. Edit the mountpoint of contact your server administrator”

When trying in the KNIME 4.3 preview build it triggered the oauth workflow but I then get "Error occured while fetching workflow jobs: User ‘swebb’ is not allowed to log in. User is not in the list of allowed login groups’.

Does something need re-configuring my end or your end?



Hi @swebb,

Thank you for letting me know, this is an issue on our end, I will make sure your account is added to the users that are allowed to access the community developer resources, I am very sorry for this inconvenience and will let you know once it is fixed.


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No worries and thank you :slight_smile: