Can't Access the data table on SQLite

I’m doing this exercise.
I’ve tried to show the data table in order to be able to enter the next step.
Based on the data that I got, there’s a file which type of the file is .sqlite
I’ve used this node

and here configured in Advanced feature

And when I tried to select table with DB Connector node, I cannot select the table

Pardon me, this is my first time learning about databases.
I’ve been confused as to how I can read the table in that file.

@veniapputrii I would recommend downloading the workflow group as a whole:

Thank you, @mlauber71
I did.
But I want to practice with my own stuff.

I tried to apply the same configuration of the “- solutions” workflow to my own workflow.
in step 1.2 I’m getting an error. I can’t catch the data table of Sales.sqlite.
so, I try to fix it.

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