can't access webportal, 404 error

Sorry, all, for this really easy question. We have installed the HUB on our server but cannot access the web port ( We get a 404 error screen. Maybe someone can help shed some light on this?

@PAI Can you double check the KOTS admin panel to ensure the deployment completed successfully and that it is in a ready state. Then try access with one of the following URL’s:


If you still can’t access the Web UI or if there are errors in KOTS admin please open a ticket with support so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue.

Thank for the reply. The KOTS verifies it is a good installation without any error. However, with the URL provided, I can only get to the Hub portal. The URL(HTTP:// only gives me a 404 error.

Has it been changed for the KNIME HUB 1.10.1 (new version), which doesn’t have a webportal (a feature of KNIME Server 4) anymore? This has bugged me for a whole week, so thank for your insights…

@PAI Hub doesn’t use the same paths and routes as KNIME Server, or the same Web UI. The /knime/webportal path is specific to KNIME Server and I would expect it to return a 404 on Hub no matter the version. I just tested it to be sure and I get a 404 on Hub 1.8.3 and 1.10.1.

Thank you very much. That confirms my subsection. I also think some of the functionalities of webportal (e.g., real-time monitoring )now have to be run as a data app (as I found on I appreciate the information very much …