cant call another workflow - in server

I have a 1st workflow which passes customer id to 2nd workflow.
where I process 1 customer at one time.
once 1 customer is processed, then 2nd workflow goes back to 1st workflow and takes the next customer of iteration and process that next customer in 2nd workflow.

so basically my task is to process customer id in the iteration job. ( one customer id at one time)

where 1st workflow has to call 2nd workflow to process customer id-data.

but in the server - my 1st workflow is not triggering 2nd workflow.
in local, I can run/do it without any issue.

please look at the screenshot for more info



Call Local Workflow (Row Based) can behave differently when executed on KNIME Server, depending on the configuration and structure of your local and server repository. You could use Call Remote Workflow (Row based) or Call Workflow (Table Based) and point them directly to the server workflow.