Can't connect to Hive database

I can't connect to Hive database after add the jar files via File->Prereferences->KNIME->Databases. In Hive database Dialog window, I had configed the connectionn and had entered usename and password, but when I click the "Apply" button, it will popout an error, it says: Invalid settings: Database connection could not be validated: Could not initialize class org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveConnection.

This issue occurs in KNIME3.3.1 and 3.3.2.

While I can connect the Hive database via DBeaver with same configuration.

Is there anyone encountered same issue? and how did you fix it? Please advise me, thanks!

Attached are the jar files which I added in KNIME and DBeaver.

Hi Hawk326040,

you don't have to add the open-source JDBC driver under File->Prereferences->KNIME->Databases. We package this driver as part of the "Hive Connector" node (part of the Big Data Connectors extensions).

Only if you want to use the proprietary (Simba-based) JDBC drivers for Hive that Cloudera/Hortonworks provide, you will have to add then under File->Prereferences->KNIME->Databases. These will be automatically detected and used by the "Hive Connector" node.