cant connect to Knime sever

Hi! I am using knime server. from yesterday connection to the server was lost with this error message. I’ve tried to kill all jobs on the server and shut it down and started it again. but it is still not working. pls help me to restore the connection…

Did you follow the steps suggested in the error prompt? Any hints from the KNIME log?

Thank you for answering me so quick. I tried following steps as written, but it didn’t work.
Also I can’t find any clues in log. Strangely, I can connect to knime server via Web portal.

I guess this is because I set Too many schedules and some of the schedules i set work at the same time, which create jombie jobs.
Is there any case that jombie jobs disables connections to the server?.

Thank you always.

Hi @wjsqorwns93 , can you share your KNIME logs?

Also, I noticed that the Knime hub is highlighted in your Knime Explorer when you got that popup. This does not look like a Knime server. Are you sure you are connecting to the correct place with the correct credentials?

I’m facing the same issue…
i can log into webportal with no problem, but not in AP.

Here is the log:
Login to ‘knime-server’ failed: HTTP 307 Temporary Redirect

Any hint?

Edit additional information:
the server is located in AWS with a load balancer. This one have changed to an static ip recently.

thanks for the awesome information.

Thank you for your reply.
It wasn’t Knime hub for sure. Here is the log.

Hi @wjsqorwns93 , can you try to telnet to that ip address on port 8080 and see if you can reach that ip on this port?

EDIT: Open the command line, and run this command:
telnet 8080

If it’s successful, you will be in the telnet interface. Just type quit and press ENTER to close it.

If it’s not successful, it will tell you that it could not connect.

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