Can't connect to Server

I’m trying to get Knime server up and running but I’m having problems when connecting to the WebPortal (and when I upload the license to the webportal). When I try to connect the executor to the server I get:

Login failed for user ‘knimeadmin’: KNIME Server is not available: License for KNIME Server Large was generated with an unknown/future version

When I try to upload the license to the WebPortal I get:

Could not load uploaded license data from server: Error: License for KNIME Server Large is invalid

Does this happen because I didn’t choose to install the latest KNIME Server version and the license is somehow expecting it? I installed Server version 4.8 and Executor 3.7.

Do you guys know what the problem is?

Dear @TomasCardoso

yes this means the wrong license was generated for you.

Can you let your Account Manager know that you need one which is compatible for 4.8?
(If you do not have his contact details, just write an email to us and we will find out :))

Best wishes, Iris

thank you, I did and new license was generated. It works fine now!


That is great! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: