Can't find source code for ExcelReader -- XLSReaderNode**



I want to check the source code of XLSReaderNode* to read ExcelFile. But couldn’t find the source codes either online by google or through KNINE installation in Eclipse.
Here are what I have tired.

  1. By searching for the ExcelReader, I have found its basic information in this page ExcelReader.
  2. Then I tried source code search on github, but there’s no java code for this. SO I guess, it’s not open yet??
  3. I imported the bundle in my project like this,


But it didn’t get the codes.
4. Tried in Eclipse, could find the source code for Excel, but don’t know which extension I should look at.

Do you have any idea about this?? Thanks a lot


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Hi @KFDing,

You can do the following to get the source code:

  1. Open KNIME and install the following feature/plugin from the official KNIME update site: Source for KNIME Excel Support
  2. Go to your KNIME installation folder and watch out for file org.knime.ext.poi2.source_4.0.0.v201906191237.jar in folder plugins.
  3. Extract the JAR file and voilá. The folder org/knime/ext/poi2/node/read3 contains the node’s model and dialog files.

By the way: This works for all plugins/extensions that provide source bundles.

Best regards,

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I checked out the source codes and get it downloaded locally

I used the Eclipse Type Search, it shows it could find out the XLSReaderNodeModel.

But when I tried to refer the class in my codes like XLSReaderNodeModel, it still doesn’t work.

Do you have any clue about this??