Can't find the URL for Webportal with New Knime Business Hub

Somehow I can’t seem to find the address for Webportl with new KNIME Business HUB (version 1.5.1). I can access the Hub with no problem (, but I just can’t find the URL for the Webportal. I need this info to check my server version. Can anyone help? Thank in advance for such a shallow question.

Hello @PAI ,

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I’m not sure I understand fully your question.
The KNIME Server and the KNIME Business Hub are two different products of ours.
Could you please elaborate a little bit what kind of information are you looking for?


Thank @dora_gcs for the response. The whole story is I was trying to run my workflow, which is created in 5.1 AP, on the HUB, but I got the error message saying:
“Unable to load a workflow, it was created with a future version of KNIME (5.1.2.v202310091347). You are running 4.7.4.v202306091353.”

To figure out which Server version I am on, and how to upgrade it, I need to access the Webportal. And for the life of me, I simply can’t find the URL for it…

I am a reseller that trying to do a Server Functionality Demo, so any help will be greatly appreciated and valued.

Hello @PAI ,

you can find your Server URL in the knime-server.config file.

The config file should be in your server installation folder:


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