can't generate charts images: SVG retrieval failed

Hello guys, hope you are fine.

I created a workflow that sends tables in the email body with dynamic data according to the recipient. My next step is to insert charts in the body of the email. However, I cant generate the image in any chart node.

I’m getting this warning

And when I tried to see the interactive view, i’m getting this error:

Thanks a lot for your help.

bar chart.knwf (45.2 KB)

The images work fine for me.

What version of KNIME are you using, and what are your javascript views settings?


Hi @elsamuel
Thanks for your help

I’m using version 4.4. About my javascript views settings, i’ve changed
Bundled Chromium Browser (version 83) + Bundled Headless Chromium (version 83)
Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) Browser + Bundled Headless Chromium (version 83)
then both image and interactive view of Bar Chart node worked.

But in the case of Line Plot node, only the interactive view started working. Is something wrong with my javascript views settings?

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