Can't generate report - no "reporting" icon


I use the current version of KNIME with all free extensions. And I don't have a "report" icon on the top menu bar. I'm using my workspace with about 30-40 groups inside. This was tested also on the fresh KNIME install fetched today (KNIME + all free extensions).


The strange thing is that when I swich the workspace to default one, the icon re-appears in the top menu bar:


Any tips to make report icon available again? Or any other way to run reporting tool?




PS: I forgot to mension: KNIME 3.3.1 Linux 64 bit.

Still no solution, but I found a workaround. I had to split my workspace content into two separate workspaces (by moving appropriate directories). And now reporting works for the one of them (and for the second one - still doesn't).

The conclusion is that the problem is caused by the content of the workspace (one or several workflows). Unfortunatelly, now I don't have time to investigate which workwlow is the culprit of this situation.



Hi Filip,

I unfortunately don't have a solution, but if it is only for the specific workspace, it could also be a problem saved in the workspace configuration.


One thing you could try is than, make a new workspace, import all the other workflow and check if the report icon than is available.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

indeed, this is probably the best solution so far. I will try to do it and let you know how if it works.

best, Filip