Can't get Quickforms to work in WebPortal


This may be a trivial issue but I've been struggling for hours to get Quickforms to work in the WebPortal. I am running Knime 3.3.2 and Server 4.4.2. Whatever I do with the simplest workflows (say conversion of Excel to CSV, as described on page 4 in, the WebPortal just executes the workflow without ever asking for an input file. Encapsulating the Quickform nodes into Wrapped Metanodes makes no difference.

What am I overlooking?


Hi Evert,

There are two possibilities that come to mind:

- You are using the legacy quickform nodes. Those are not compatible with the WebPortal

- The workflow is stored on the server in executed state. Workflows on the WebPortal are not reset, so any executed nodes will be skipped.