can't install XLS Control Table Generator

I saw the new node " XLS Control Table Generator" in today’s summit meeting, it is very useful, but when I tried to install it, I got the following warning message:

WARN MISSING XLS Control Table Generator 2:320 Node can’t be executed - Node “XLS Control Table Generator” not available from extension “Continental Nodes for KNIME” (provided by “Continental”; plugin “com.continental.knime.xlsformatter” is not installed).
My KNIME Desktop version is 4.1.2.
Appreciate if someone can guide me to install it.

Hi there @Hawk326040,

most likely you haven’t enabled appropriate update site for Continental Extension (which is KNIME Community Extensions (Trusted)). Check on following link how to do that and more about Continental nodes:

Hope this helps!


Hi iPazin,
Thanks! Following the installation instruction in the URL, it works now.
Regularly, I install new extension from Help -> Install New Software… and most of extensions can be installed, but for Continental nodes, we should follow the below to install :

The Continental Nodes for KNIME can best be embedded into a KNIME Analytics Platform installation via its extension mechanism:
Open the KNIME preferences via File | Preferences,
navigate to Install/Update | Available Software Sites,
make sure the KNIME Community Extensions (Trusted) are activated
close the preferences screen and hit File | Install KNIME Extensions…,
activate the Continental Nodes for KNIME
extension in KNIME Community Extensions - Other.


Hi @Hawk326040,

glad to hear that!