Can't load my project

Hi, I worked on a KNIME workflow, after a crash I re-open the workflow but after normal loading the workflow does not appear and there is this message:


I check in the workspace folder and there is my project, what I have to do to rescue all my work?

Hi baarzo,

Would it be possible for you to share the log file? You can find it here: <workspace>\.metadata\knime\knime.log

Does it happen to all the workflows available in your local workspace? Did you try to open the same workflow from another workspace (by moving the directory of the workflow in another workspace)?


I solved moving all workflow folder in other location excluding the workflow that i was not able to run (because I was not able t open all workflows). For the project that i was not able to open I copied  the directory on other workflow folder in another pc and its works, so I export it a rescued it on my pc. One afternoon losed for this...