Can't maximize window

Hi, new KNIME and have installed it on my system.
I have this weird issue going on the program where I can’t seem to maximize any windows.
It is only using half of the window space no matter what the size of the program window.
I have tried the reset perspective and even uninstall and reinstall but no luck.

I am using Windows 10.

thanks in advance

Hi @afsandiego,
Did you modify the Appearance settings under “Preferences -> Generals -> Appearance -> Theme” ? it looks like you have the classic theme set instead of the default KNIME one. I doubt this is causing this issue directly, but if you did not modify this setting it could give a hint on the cause of your issue. Also can you please share your KNIME log with us?


Hi, I have the same problem. Did you solve it already?

This is a duplicate of this issue (or that issue of this;) could we condense the discussion to this thread? Grey Area in Knime Workflow Editor

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See Grey Area in Knime Workflow Editor for further information