Can't see bigdata and bigquery extensions after upgrade to 4.2 and reinstal

I recently upgraded to 4.2, and installed the bigdata, as well as biquery extensions. They install OK, and show up in the installed modules under help, but the nodes such as Biguery connector do not show up in node list. There are errors in the log that seem related, knime.log (73.3 KB)

I’ve uninstalled knime and Java, and re installed knime and extensions alsp - tried a new workspace no go.
Environment windows 10 pro


Could you let me know where you installed the KNIME Analytics Platform and what your advanced security settings are for the KNIME installation folder? You can find out about these settings in the explorer via right click → Properties → Security Tab → Advanced.

I have had another use that was having similar issues that got resolved when installing as an administrator.



Hi, Thanks for your response here is a screenshot. I think I tried install, and run as admin but not totally sure I can try again, if you suggest.

Oh, and I installed in the directory in the screenshot above C:\program files\KNIME23. I know it’s not V23 but that’s the name I used and it didn’t exist before install.


just to add info in case you haven’t found it (and for others who stumble across it). This was a know issue with KNIME 4.2.0 and fix is available with version 4.2.1.